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FOB Lindsey

Making Content Marketing Simple.


Create authentic, well-designed, and functional websites and funnels.


Highly-skilled in digital administration and on-demand maintenance for social media, content creation and web pages.


Engineer intriguing blogs, articles, and reports with a specialty in product conversions.

Our Process

FOB Lindsey is here for you — the business owner and the visionary. Our process concentrates on fulfilling your business needs while relieving you of the pressures. 

When you let FOB Lindsey lead your Content Marketing strategy, you are put FIRST.

FOB Lindsey values complete transparency. Throughout our relationship, we continue to provide thorough analytics, updates on advertisement pushes, and value the input from you, the client.

Explore one of my biggest projects to date, the complete revamp of Chattahoochee Technical College’s website. I worked within a sandbox, keeping the old site up and functional for visitors while I single-handily built the newly UX-focused platform.

Your website is the blueprint for your outreach to the public. Creating an excellent user experience with perfect navigation and screen compatibility will only boost your conversion rates and sales. 

Here at FOB Lindsey, we create stunning visuals with perfect navigation to enhance your product and brand recognition.

We being with a consultation to understand your vision and market, then work tirelessly to crate eye-appealing designs for your customers and visitors to interact and complete conversions. 


Social Media, Content Marketing, and Web Development are constant chores. Keeping a visual appearance for your audience and potential client base is essential in this market. 

Here at FOB Lindsey, we will take that stress off your back and drive your online presence and conversions.

Social Media: we will write the copy, the associated hashtags, publish photos and videos, and drive local and national advertisement campaigns. 

Content Marketing: Scheduling posts, creating customer initiative, and formulating proper advertisements are our bread and butter. We take a look at the market and the customer’s needs to custom curate a marketing strategy personalized for your business.

Web Development: Managing the various plugins, widgets, updates, and (crossing my fingers) crashes websites endure are stressful enough. FOB Lindsey takes the reins of making sure your website is in top-notch health 24/7.


Writing emotionally driven and persuasive copy is the basis of content marketing. 

Storytelling enhances the emotional attachment viewers have with our products.

Without a clear and concise personal narrative, your products just become products to purchase and not an experience worth investing.

SEO is the cornerstone for Google Analytics. Here at FOB Lindsey, we have key formulas that will skyrocket your website to the top rankings on Google with our tagging basis and character count.

Check out a few of the articles I have published both locally and nationally.

Meet The Owner and the Operator

Here at FOB Lindsey, we value being authentic. 

My name is Cameron Meier. I am the owner and operator here at FOB Lindsey. 

FOB Lindsey’s name comes from the forward operating base I was stationed at when I was in Afghanistan. 

I chose FOB Lindsey because it was where I grew into the man I am today— authentic, personal, and professional.

After transitioning out of the Army, I enrolled at Kennesaw State University to pursue a Bachelor’s in English. With this degree, I have challenged my writing and UX capabilities through my current management and development of the Chattahoochee Technical College’s website.

Yes, I am a one-stop-shop agency, and frankly, a one-man show. However, I pride myself on going above and beyond for my clients and their business endeavors. 

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