Alternative Research: How Social Media Educates

When I think of the word “research,” I immediately think of opening up books, reading analytical papers, and documenting insightful information. That’s what we’re taught in school. However, with the evolution of data, the concept of where information can be received has altered. For entrepreneurs, in particular, the overwhelming amount […]

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5 Crucial Steps Towards Understanding Yourself

I bet you can recall a time someone told you to “just be yourself.” At first, that may of been an easy thing to understand and put into use. However, as we get older, our mentalities, our passions, and our visions change. And with these changes, our “self” has a […]

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What I Have Learned About Myself

When I reflect on how Careers in Writing, a course I took at Kennesaw State University, has transformed my professional identity, I am filled with so many emotions. I came into this course with a not-so-much humble attitude towards my already self-proclaimed skills in writing. I had already created three […]

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Green Card Voices

This is an edited version of a memoir from Htoo Ktray Wah, a college student who became a refugee to the United States from Thailand. I edited this document for the Green Card Voices which is a group that takes personal experiences written by the authors and puts them into […]

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Selfless Service

Mrs. Laura Keefe is the Executive Director and Founder of YELLS. I had the opportunity to interview her about her involvement with writing and the fundamental growth of YELLS as a non-profit. A few weeks ago I was able to have the opportunity to interview someone that has inspired me, […]

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An Unexpected Weekend

An Unexpected Weekend has to be my most vulnerable piece I have ever written. Within this narrative I re-hatch my memories of my spontaneous weekend in Valdosta Georgia. A few weekends ago, I made the spontaneous decision to drive down to see my girlfriend, Vanessa, in Valdosta, Georgia. She told […]

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AtlLocalist’s 2019 Ethos

Within this article I will be discussing AtlLocalist’s 2019 Ethos and how this new mindset came about. Our approach to advocating for the homeless population of Atlanta is of becoming eye-level with this subculture and really trying to understand their paths and their motivations. In December of 2018, Chris Henry […]

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How To Declutter: Infographic

We all could declutter our spaces. The use of this infograph is to present the various techniques used by professionals to organize and get rid of unnecessary items. By incorporating any of these five techniques, participants will gifted with the ability to be free from the unnecessary items that have […]

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Drinking Local

In this article I will be discussing my experience at Dry County Brewery in Kennesaw Georgia. The establishment, and the people employed here have created an extremely warm and welcoming environment for its patrons. With the vast collection of different kinds of beer and activities to attend to, this brewery […]

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Marketable Skills for Writers

Throughout this article I will dive into writer Alison Doyle’s descriptions of the various skills a writer has that can be used in the business world. I also provide writing careers in the metro Atlanta area that fit the criteria of any established writer of all levels. Writer Alison Doyle, […]

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