February 11, 2019

Drinking Local

In this article I will be discussing my experience at Dry County Brewery in Kennesaw Georgia. The establishment, and the people employed here have created an extremely warm and welcoming environment for its patrons. With the vast collection of different kinds of beer and activities to attend to, this brewery has created a name for its self as a prominent force for Georgia craft beer lovers.

I decided over the weekend to treat myself to a couple brews at Dry County Brewery, and the experience was one to remember. When I entered through the front door I was met with a row of arcade games and a pool table centered right in the middle of the hall way. After visiting several breweries, having activities to play is always a great bonus to the entirety of the brewery experience. Later on, I tried my hand at one of the arcade games, a hunting game. I believed my military experience would do me justice here, I was sadly mistaken.

After making my way to the taproom, I noticed several pamphlets pinned to a bulletin board. These handouts were an immediate understanding that this brewery was built and supported by locals. It was nice to see this, it made for an excellent entrance into the facility.

I weaved my way around the tables to be greeted by one of the beertenders. I ordered a “Highway 41,” a stout, and then took a seat. The atmosphere did not reside only with decorations, rather, the patrons supplied most of the character. There were parents overlooking their children as they ran from one end to the other, laughter from a group of ladies enjoying an after work beer, and the competitive rage from a corn-hole tournament.

I sipped on my dark chocolate stout while just embracing my surroundings. Up on the walls were t-shirts and other various merchandise for sale. The beertenders all wore some form of Dry County Brewery apparel, and so the temptation to purchase one was extremely evident for me. After a bit of contemplation, I decided to buy a 32oz glass. The glass is beautiful. It has the logo displayed on one side, and “Make Your Run!” on the other. I am always in need of more glasses, so when the opportunity presents itself— I have to react!

Make Your Run!

This is my 32oz glass I purchased. It is empty, and that needs to change!

Besides beer, this brewery also sells three different kinds of cocktails. I didn’t try any of them, however, the mule did look promising. Like other breweries, Dry County Brewery offers patrons the ability to bring their four-legged animals to the shop. This is a great addition to any brewery setting and it is nice to see Dry County Brewery following suite with this commonality.

When I reflect on my experience drinking a couple brews at Dry County Brewery I have to admit, this place is great. The atmosphere, the friendly staff, and the overwhelmingly great tasting beer just creates the best environment for any craft beer lover. I will surely mark this brewery down as one of my go-to spots for good local craft beer.

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