Local & Regional

Connecting with your customers is vital.

Without a direct and constant flow of advertisements, no one will find your business.

We look at social media as the basis of marketing. Everyone is online which equals an infinite amount of potential clients.

Local & Regional advertisements via social media platforms cuts the barrier and gets you right in the face of the public. 


Crafting a clear and concise, yet powerful message is one of the most missed assets of social media marketing.

We implement keywords associated with the image or video, add in useful hashtags (where appropriate), and develop a 5 to 18 worded direct description.

As with other forms of content writing, copywriting requires an emotional hook to draw in visitors and make conversions.

Video & Image Creation

Studies show Americans have an attention span less than a goldfish.

With an “infinite scroll” on all social media networks, this issue is constantly getting worse.

Through thoroughly analytics, it has been proven that videos, gifs, and images with text embedded work the best to draw the attention of viewers.

Here at FOB Lindsey, we have Saige Ashe, a talented and creative videographer and content manager.

Creating stunning videos, images, and gifs that drive clientele to your products is our bread and butter.  

Web Development

Alright, so by now it’s known FOB Lindsey does web development. As much as we are open to one-and-done development projects, we recommend using FOB Lindsey to manage your website. 

Plugins, widgets, layouts builders— these essential tools mess up from time to time. Truthfully, no one truly knows why these things mess up. However, having someone who is constantly monitoring your website and the traffic allows you to sleep good at night knowing your website is active and functional 24/7.

What we include other than maintenance is the other thing you care about the most— analytics. How often are people viewing your website, how long are they on the pages, and so much more. 

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