February 5, 2019

Marketable Skills for Writers

Throughout this article I will dive into writer Alison Doyle’s descriptions of the various skills a writer has that can be used in the business world. I also provide writing careers in the metro Atlanta area that fit the criteria of any established writer of all levels.

Writer Alison Doyle, the author of The Balance Careers, discusses the marketable skills associated with writers and publication.

There are bullet lists of all the various skills needed to perform a writing career. Things like Copy Editing, Copy Writing, Digital Media, Proposal Writing, and Reconfirming Facts were among the lists.

However, out of the entire list the one that struck me the most was accuracy. This is a trait that encompasses the entirety of writing. The need for accurate content and publications out powers and leads the progression of writing for all levels of authorship.

I decided to research the value of these writing skills in the actual labor economy of Atlanta on four career postings. Through a simple search on, Nexus Marketing was among the top on the list. They are offering an Entry-Level Copywriter position in the Marketing Agency. On their listing was skillsets that Nexus Marketing wants in a candidate: communication, meeting deadlines, and editing proficiency.

Another career position was found at ISPA, Inc for a C-130 Flight Writer. Now this job position is a little different than ordinary writing careers. This position requires far more than a typical writing job. At the top of their posting it reads, “Develops and compiles flight manuals for C-130 test and production aircraft,” and under desired skills it states, “C-130 aircrew flight instructor or Standardization Evaluator (STANDEVAL) experience. C-130 aircraft technical publications experience, beyond the user level.” Even though these desired skills are far out of reach for a newly graduated college writer, they do offer some hope for the amateur college writer. Skills like good communication skills and a strong analytical aptitude shine some hope for new writers seeking a career in flight writing.

Diamond Diaspora Media posted a writing position for an Entertainment Writer three days ago. Diamond Diaspora Media is a collaboration with and so the ability to progress in this business for new writers is very promising. With any job posting comes the desirable skills and traits of candidates. At Diamond Diaspora Media they are seeking someone who has the ability to develop and effectively pitch story ideas. They want someone who has accuracy and authenticity in their writing. Furthermore, Diamond Diaspora Media is looking for a writer that is a self-stater, someone who is motivated and focused on their tasks and creative productions.

To some up my investigative adventure into writing careers in Atlanta I found a position at Global Savings Group for an editor. Among their top desirable skills they are seeking a person who can research and write valuable, attractive and relevant content for their users. Moreover, Global Savings Group is focused on finding a candidate that is persistent and disciplined.

Alison Doyle hit on every possible trait a writer needs to be successful in our ever growing virtual writing world. With everything being published digitally, the demand for accurate and proficient writers is a top priority if not throughout the world than at least in Atlanta.

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