Superannuated Hulk Episode 1 Script

Work contributed by Cameron Meier to Superannuated Hulk Episode 1

Pilot episode was chosen – Working Script Scenario:

man-bun purple jogger pants and a striped tank top. cold brew drinking vegan Hulk that works for Wolverine’s renovation company

A Hulk that has retired and is learning how to live again after the death of his wife on Planet Sakaar.

Hulk is interviewed by the producers/interviewer. The first episode is centered around an introduction to who the Superannuated Hulk is and what he is up to. We get a taste of his humor and sense of change through occupation and his mentality. First episode we get a taste of his construction life just a little bit. Wolverine has hired him and he is just trying to manage life as a civilian now. Hulk and the interviewer get along very well it seems. And the humility in Hulk’s voice is noticed.


Episode Script – Cameron Meier

INTRO MUSIC: Low-tempo electronic style

Producer: Welcome to the first episode of Superannuated Hulk. A series of episodes where we learn what happens after you retire and give up on the superhero life. Is there room for the past or do we focus on the future?


[silence- studio quality sound. Interview style]

Interviewer: Hello and welcome to the first episode of Superannuated Hulk. My name is Steve Paxton and I am here with the man we have all seen and learned to deal with [chuckles from Interviewer and Hulk] Mr. Incredible Hulk.

Hulk: Hey Steve how’s it going?

Interviewer: Hulk its going good man. How are you? I see you have cleaned up a bit. Lookin a little like, dare I say, your polar opposite.

Hulk: The get up now is a little different. [smiling tone] But yeah man I have been doing great. Feel better, been living my life more for myself, and just trying a different tempo, you know?

Interviewer: It is a different you! I can tell by your face, you look— happier. I know it’s cliche to say it but you already know what I’m going to ask, what are you or did you do to make this drastic change be so consistent?

Hulk: The death of my wife b—

Interviewer: I am sorry to hear.

Hulk: Thank you man, yeah when she died I felt so ripped apart. I didn’t feel like myself. My heart felt like one of those walls I used to barge through. She always told me to be fierce but humble, aggressive but patient. I never understood why she would use these polar opposites to command things of me. But you know, I never saw how I could incorporate the contradictions till then.

Interviewer: What kind of ways are you bringing her contradictions to light?

Hulk: I am now fierce with my passions and humble with my achievements. I am aggressive with my love and patient to the ones I love.

Interviewer: That is incredible Hulk. Truly profound and honest. You must be as much of an inspiration to me as you are to others.

Hulk: I appreciate the admiration Steve. Yeah, I get told I am an inspiration, but on the low— I really don’t feel like an inspiration. All I did was grow up and stopped being  [fast chuckles] a destructive asshole.

Interviewer: Well you may feel that way but I guarantee there are plenty of people who look up to you now more than ever. So I wanted to ask what are you doing nowadays for work. I mean once you left the Avengers did Tony Stark give you a retirement package as a going away gift? To go celebrate peace and drink margaritas at the beach. [chuckles]

Hulk: For work, as of now I am working for Wolverine.

Interviewer: Wolverine? Doing what?

Hulk: He owns a construction company and he offered me a job once he heard I was leaving Stark. He called me one morning and offered me the demolition job because he didn’t want the same struggles he had transitioning to civilian world to be as difficult for me.

Interviewer: That is very kind of him. I didn’t know he owned a construction company. Where is this at?

Hulk: We are located out of Portland right now. Expanding almost every week it seems.

Interviewer: Keeping you busy, I suppose?

Hulk: Man some days its like when the hell can I get a break [laughs a bit] But you know what? The controlled destruction that I get to do everyday really contributes to my change process. So i am tremendously grateful for the opportunity Wolverine gave me.

Interviewer: [smiling tone] tell me a funny time at work— the construction job. Not when you were the green superhero but the green demolitionist.

Hulk: Funny story?? [smiling tone] okay, listen up. I am about to lay down one of the funniest moments at work. Wolverine was taking me around a new sight—TRANSITIONS INTO CONSTRUCTION NOISE

Wolverine: Hulk, my dude, listen. Follow me I wanna show you whats going on here.

[Dirt scuffling and engine sounds. Sideline conversations from passing coworkers.]

Hulk: alright, whats up? What are we looking at?

Wolverine: I am having a hard time coming up with what that is in that there hole. Can you grab that shit for me?

[nudging elbow noise]

Hulk: [confused tone] I gotcha man. You got Abraham Lincoln lamb chops for a beard but you can’t do this shit on your own?

Wolverine: yeah but I pay you to do the shit I aint doing! [laughs]

[microphone follows Hulk as he navigates his way down the hole to the center. Wolverine’s voice is fading a little. Hulk’s surrounding noises’ sounds are represented of their location to him]

Hulk: What— the hell? Yo, its a mirror? Why the hell is there a mirror down here?

Wolverine: Cuz, you are a piece of shit, you animal!

[joint chuckling and laughter by both, as Hulk ascends up the hole side to Wolverine. Sounds are volumized to the proximity of Hulk. fade out]

Interviewer: that’s pretty funny! [laughter voice] did those sort of things happen like every day? Like was Wolverine just bored and thought hey imma mess with Hulk for a bit?

Hulk: You know, probably! He and I have always gotten along so— for that to be a possible reason I wouldn’t throw it out.

Interviewer: Any idea what is next for The Superannuated Hulk?

Hulk: Is that what I am being called now?

[joint chuckle]

Interviewer: that is the title of this series! That’s what you’ve been labeled nowadays, right?

Hulk: Yeah, I mean I think so. Like i said I aint diving too much into the current issues and cosmopolitan articles lately. Whats next for me?

Interviewer: Yes.

Hulk: [exhausted, shrugging tone] I don’t know man. We will see. I am keeping my wife’s words close to my heart and pounding down walls for now.

Interviewer: I like that Hulk. Till next week?

Hulk: Yeah man! Alright. Hey it was great talking to Steve. I like this. It’s like my own private shrink that can’t tell me anything. I like that [laughs]. Alright man, see you next soon.

[Outtro music- low tempo]

Producer: “Thank you for listening to the introduction of Superannuated Hulk. If you liked this episode and want to be notified when our next episode is published subscribe to our twitter @shulk3150. That is @shulk3150. We will be posting updates and sneak peaks into the newest episodes weekly.

[Outtro music fades out]

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