Welcome Page: Analytical Reports

Within this section, there are only reports regarding various topics that I find interesting and noteworthy. The first document, “Analytical Report: The Rising Number of Veteran Suicides,” truly hits at home. I served in the Army for seven years and am a “post 9/11 veteran.” I found the information presented to be heartbreaking, however, incredibly needed for the public to know. The second, “Storytelling Video Games: Grand Theft Auto V,” was an attempt to find digital storytelling strategies to formulate a well-defined video game series. I have always been a fan of Grand Theft Auto, and to have the opportunity to analyze and transmit this information was an incredible experience. Furthermore, “Plumálin” is my analyzation of a classmate’s alter-ego character. I loved having to dissect the clues and information he provided and formulate a text that is understandable.