What I Have Learned About Myself

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When I reflect on how Careers in Writing, a course I took at Kennesaw State University, has transformed my professional identity, I am filled with so many emotions. I came into this course with a not-so-much humble attitude towards my already self-proclaimed skills in writing. I had already created three websites, wrote articles for a few organizations, and was running a non-profit narrative platform that focused on Atlanta residents.

I had stuff “going” for me.

So I really didn’t think I would learn too much from this course, and of course, I was incredibly mistaken. I was exposed to several forms of content, from infographics to restaurant reviews and everything in between.

One thing that became apparent throughout this course was the marketable skills that grew to greater heights through all the content projects given. Ironically, I had written an article that I had written all on various marketable skills writers can use for career opportunities.

There is a need for accurate content and publications. It is through accuracy that the progression of writing for all levels of authorship can lead and become dominant. I learned through this course that I have several necessary skills of being a great writer. I am accurate, time-managed, and authentic both in my writing and in my everyday persona.

My accuracy comes from the belief that I fear being labeled “fake news.” With the growing number of fake articles and publications being labeled untrustful, I want to be a light within the darkness of misleading content.

As with anyone who has had to manage several tasks at once, say going to college or working for an organization— time management is critical. Corporations thrive on people being able to meet deadlines. They stay afloat off of employees having the ability to manage their time and focusing accordingly on their work.

The Rising Number of Veteran Suicides was an article I wrote in 2018 which is an analytical report on why veterans, especially post-9/11 veterans are committing suicide at alarming rates. I wrote this piece because I am a veteran, and the information I discovered made me really want to seek answers. I was able to complete this document on time and formulated correctly without any edits needed by my professor.

Service members who are transitioning from a combat zone to garrison, or stateside, or more prone to feel depression and post-traumatic stresses due to the relativity of their surroundings. Service members move from garrison to combat to garrison again with the same men and women. Their relations with these people run deep.

The final marketable skill that truly showcases my abilities is authenticity. When content is written under the ruling of hard lines and overbearing structures the real character of the author cannot be witnessed. Authenticity breaks the boundaries of just being words on a paper to being a work of art. It is through authenticity that content becomes trustworthy. When I reflect on how this skill is highlighted within my work, I always fall back on my YELLS article. It was within this article that I narrated my thought process and emotions behind volunteering and mentoring high school students in Marietta Georgia.

I was authentic and honest with my readers. I expressed my genuine emotions and my authentic expressions I had during my time with YELLS. It was with this article that I tried to expose my vulnerability for these kids.

I made a mistake applying to work with YELLS. I didn’t have the committable mindset to dedicate to mentoring students. I was not cut out for the gig. However, what I reflect on when I’m writing this wrestles me in my chair— these kids did more mentoring to me than I could ever supply them.

I believe I have grown significantly by taking Careers in Writing. I have grown both as a writer and as a person. I learned I can be imaginative, that I can be creative, and most importantly that I can do this.

I look forward to developing more concrete skills both in my writing and as an author. I strive for challenges, and maintaining authentic and accurate work is my ultimate goal and achievement.

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